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 In Welcome

To Our valued customers…

Thank you for visiting the American First Responder website. We welcome new and former customers to experience our website and most importantly our professional training.

American First Responder was founded on the training philosophy of encouraging hands on learning, training for realistic situations, and training for the right needs.

American First Responder was originally founded in 2005 with the company’s original name of First Responder CPR. We Hope that you find the website easy to navigate and find the right course that meets your needs. This website has taken over a year to develop, with special care and detail of our staff, family members, and web developers at Alex Graphics.

Evolving From First Responder CPR…


CPR has always been our passion, just ask for anyone who has taken one of our CPR courses. We truly believe that learning to save a life is a fundamental skill that everyone should know how to do. Keep in mind that only about 1% of the world’s population has taken training in CPR, and only half of that 1% is actually confident in preforming CPR.  My passion for teaching CPR began with teaching Marines CPR during my military service as a Hospital Corpsman. I started teaching my platoon CPR just in case I was injured on the battlefield. After my military service ended, I became an EMT responding to emergency calls in the private ambulance industry within Los Angeles County. Arriving at the scene of emergency calls, I soon realized that although many people were crowded around the unresponsive person, there was usually no one preforming CPR. If they were doing CPR, they were often not confident. I realized that I wanted to teach those bystanders to preform CPR with confidence, just like a “First Responder”. First Responders like Firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedics, Law Enforcement, and Armed Services personnel, constantly encounter situations that build confidence, but for bystanders, it takes training like ours to build that confidence to help others.  I have always told my students that once you learn CPR, your are now a part of the “First Responder” Community, and that their actions- your actions- can help improve the victims’ likelihood of survival.

We have moved from just a focus of only CPR Training to now including many aspects of safety, health, and prevention including: Forklift Safety (LTO), Defensive Driving (DDC), EMT Training, Hospital Fire Safety, Swim Safety, and many more. We will soon be adding many more OSHA Safety Training to our list of professional safety training course offerings. Even our logo has changed to incorporate to many different courses we offer under our brand American First Responder.

After many years of business, we finally have a published website that I am proud to offer to students, and to my community. I encourage you to utilize our website to find a professional safety training course that meets your needs and come back to our website periodically to read our staff’s posts in our safety blog. This is the first post of our safety blog, in a continuing blog that will be a wealth of life saving information.

A Special Thanks…

I would like to send  a specials thanks to those customers past, present and future, who have helped American First Responder grow. Thanks for allowing me to teach your employees life saving skills and be apart of your family. We are not always perfect , but there when your need us to be.  Thanks to David at Alex’s Graphics for changing any detail I have requested on our beautiful website.  Thanks, to the American First Responder Staff; (Orrin, Hugo, Alejandro, Ramona) , for believing in me to lead you and your support. I know that sometimes I may be tough on you, but I believe in you too. Thanks to my friends who have encouraged me to continue teaching during the tough times because you know it’s my passion. Thanks to my sisters for never giving up on me.  Thanks to My Mom and Dad for always being there, whenever I have needed you. Thanks to my children Victoria Isabella and Luca Giovanni- your smiles & laughter encourage me to work hard for you everyday. Thanks to my wife Adriana- you inspire me to be a better man, partner and person. You believe in me, often times when I struggle to believe in my self, I love you.

Most of all I thank God for giving me the talent for training others to save lives. With your help all things are possible.

Last but not least, I thank your time and reading reading this blog, becoming a part of the American First Responder Family. Please my second by blog post “Having a Stroke at 34”. 

Giovanni Garbutt EMT, AEMD

President American First Responder

As long as God Grants me breath on this earth, I hope to be an inspiration in your life – Giovanni V. Garbutt 


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