Coaching Systems Commercial Emergency Vehicle Fire Apparatus Operator (CEVO)

Course time: 3 – 3.5 Hours

First introduced in the early 90’s, the Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) courses for ambulance, fire and police personnel quickly became accepted as standards in driver training for these fields. Since then, over 500,000 emergency professionals have been trained with the CEVO programs.

Now, based on valuable input from participants, instructors and loss prevention professionals, a revised and updated CEVO ® Fire 3

As with the original program, operators will appreciate CEVO 3‘s non-lecture, participant-intensive educational approach, and instructors will appreciate the program’s flexible and easy-to-use format.

Video Presentation Features scripts, video footage and graphics, with:

  • 16-page full-color Participant Response book
  • Self-Appraisal
  • Discussion Questions and Situation Analyses
  • Computer-scored Operator Tests

Comprehensive coverage of collision-prevention techniques, including:

  • Cushion of safety
  • Scanning
  • Apparatus positioning
  • Handling blind spots
  • Safe backing
  • Operating on different types of road surfaces
  • Parking procedure, and more…

Coverage of a wide range of other safety-related topics, including:

  • Apparatus inspection
  • Apparatus handling and design characteristics
  • Driving with and without sirens
  • Safety at the fire ground
  • A non-lecture, participant-intensive educational approach
  • A flexible, modular, easy to use training format (A complete in-house driver training program)
  • And a reasonable price (far less than the cost of one “minor” collision)

Graduates receive CEVO 3 patches and certificates

**Check with your employer for certification requirements or call us at (800) 573-0106 .**



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