At American First Responder, we believe in quality harm reduction and workplace safety instruction at an affordable price. It is a basic principle of American First Responder that being prepared for challenges improves safety and productivity We believe in teaching the core fundamentals of workplace safety set forth by the nation’s leading medical and safety organizations, including the National Safety Council, American Heart Association, as well as the American Red Cross.

Training Philosophy


Our primary focus is to create a warm, inviting environment, complete with state-of-the art materials and knowledgeable, up beat instructors. We believe in personalized and effective one-on-one safety training, meaning a small teacher to student ratio and every student receiving effective training. The goal is to achieve the highest learning level from a training session – use what you learn and you will improve your performance and safety behavior.

Training for Your Own Reality

Learning is better retained when it is put into use. Our training is about more than theory – it is based on methods that involve people and bring knowledge into operation. This philosophy goes for both the classroom and for practical training. We also deeply understand the value of safety training in preventing tragedy, both in the workplace, and in our outside lives. The sad reality is that many members of our community either cannot afford or are unaware of said training. We firmly believe in “giving back” to our communities, and for that reason, we have in place community based discounted priced programs, empowering more people with the chance to possibly save a life.

Right Training for the Right Needs

The true value of training is demonstrated in the real working environment. We make sure that our training is as close and relevant to your working environment as possible. The experience of our trainers, our flexibility and dialogue with our clients are our most important tools.


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