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Convenient day, evening and weekend classes available for Healthcare Professionals. Schedule a class at our facility or group class at your office, clinic, or medical center. ACLS & PALS Coming Soon.
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Whether a business, church, governmental agency, school, or large group, we offer onsite training delivery at your location, saving time, money and lives all at the same time.
CPR, AED and First Aid
Let our EMS Educators and Safety Professionals train you. Official AHA, NSC, and ASHI Classes for teaches,trainers, child care workers, company safety officers and many more working professionals.
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Official National Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses means Safer Drivers & Safer Roads!
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Welcome to American First Responder

American First Responder offers a variety of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant Health and Safety certification training courses. As an Authorized Training Provider of the American Heart Association, the American Health & Safety Institute, and the National Safety Council, we are able to meet the certification and re- certification needs for many industries.

American First Responder instructors are among some of the best and most experienced First Aid, CPR, AED and Emergency Preparedness trainers in the business. The most unique feature about our esteemed Health and Safety instructors is that they are all Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) twenty plus years of combined Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Pre- Hospital Care experience, in addition to Health and Safety training experience.

Approved Training Providers

American Heart Association
National Safety Council
American Red Cross
Life Guarding, Water Safety, and Proficiency Courses.
Whether you have a seasonal or year-round swimming pool or spa, spend weekends splashing about on the beach or hitting the lake, our swim classes and water safety training can help you stay safe in, on, and around the water all year long.
Hospital Fire Safety
The Hospital Fire Safety class fulfills the Los Angeles Fire Code requires that all employees of acute care hospitals, psychiatric facilities, convalescent homes, and skilled nursing facilities within the boundary of Los Angeles City
Hazwoper Training
The HAZWOPER training program teaches students how to protect workers when in hazardous situations. The program is designed to comply with the extensive federal regulations (29 CFR 1910.120) to ensure the safety and the health of workers
Advanced First-Aid and EMR Training
EMT Continuing Education and EMT Skills Recertification Available
NSC Workplace Instructor Safety Training
Employees trained in NSC Safety programs make their workplaces safer for everyone. NSC Instructor Courses go beyond the basics to include global practices that prevent injuries and death.
Emergency Preparedness: Will you be ready if Disaster Strikes
From weather-related issues to active shooters in the workplace and more, it’s critical for your employees to know the correct action to take before, during and after an emergency.

American First Responder Locations

American First Responder offers professional, affordable and convenient safety instruction to the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California area. Sign-up for a course near you today

American First Responder Headquarters
2975 Wilshire Blvd Suite L, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Carson, CA

American First Responder
South Division
21039 South Figueroa Suite 101B,
Carson, CA 90745
Note: Not all courses offered at this location

Ontario, CA

 American First Responder
Inland Empire Division
3296 East Guasti Road Suite 100
Ontario, CA 91761
Note: Not all courses offered at this location

Los Angeles, CA

American First Responder
at the Los Angeles County Stentorian Center
1409 W. Vernon Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90062
Note: Not all courses offered at this location


  • " I have taken CPR & First-Aid several times, Giovanni was by far the most thorough instructor. Very knowledgeable and had great experiences & stories to share"

    T. Hope 1/11/2018 NSC CPR & First-Aid Instructor Course
  • "I prefer hands-on always. Strengths- The course is very enlightening. Very knowledgeable staff. Just continue the gradual 5 year-updates. Thank you."

    S. Lewis 8/17/17 Medical Assistant / BLS Provider Course
  • "The instructor was great. Patient and thorough. I appreciated the practice - I would have like even more! But the amount we did get felt great overall."

    C. Bacchi 8/26/17 Medical Assistant / BLS Provider Course
  • "I've taken in classroom before. This class was more effective because we had enough time and opportunities to practice. Demos with practices following were effective. Video was pretty good quality, too. He [instructor] gave good constructive feedback.  Equipment was clean and looked new."

    J. Min 8/26/17 Pre-Med Student / BLS Provider Course
  • "Taken this online and in the classroom before. I prefer online and I'm glad First Responder offers online. I prefer the convenience of the online course, with the in-person skills check off. The fastest and easiest way to get this done for those who have done BLS many times. Great instructor."

    R. Pinkston 8/24/17 Occupational Therapist / BLS Provider Course
  • "Took it once before; it was required at work. Liked this one better though. Instructor was very informed and provided rich instruction."

    S. Cospewicz 8/3/18 Licensed Clinical Social Worker / BLS Provider Course
  • "In-class in person training is preferred. Instructor is very good at teaching skills needed in the real world; including most, if not all likely scenarios that aid in our learning. I'd like to see more caring and professional instructors like these guys in the future."

    R. Monzon 8/3/18 Medical Assistant / BLS Provider Course
  • "Good instructor, very clear presentation. I have taken the First Aid CPR/AED course with American First Responder on three separate occasions and I will definitely keep returning The instructors are always professional and present the information in a clear and relatable manner."

    M. Garcia 1/27/18 Tennis Coach/Biology Teacher / Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • "I have taken this before online. I prefer First Responder's in-person method due to its interactive, hands-on nature. The instructor was great! Orrin is clear, professional, and very knowledgeable. Wouldn't change a thing!"

    Y. Osuna 8/8/17 Nursing Student / BLS Provider Course
  • "I took online before but in-person class is more intense and exchange of ideas is very educating. No weakness."

    M. Roda 8/10/17 Licensed Vocational Nurse LVN / BLS Provider Course
  • "Course difficulty and intensity was appropriate. The course went into full detail, which included reasons behind everything. It's helpful to know not just what to do, but why it works. Also details on each scenario. The whole class made me think."

    K. Zhang 8/10/17 Pharmacy Technician / BLS Provider Course
  • "Instructor answered all of our questions and was very patient. I did this online and with a different group that used video for most of it. This version is better because it is much more hands-on than other companies. I am more prepared than last time."

    S. Henry 8/12/17 Medical Assistant / BLS Provider Course
  • "Strengths would be that the instructor  was especially clear and sympathetic to students. He was very well prepared to instruct. I like the more interactive approach to this type of course."

    D. S. Kim 7/06/17 Pharmacy Technician / BLS Provider Course
  • "Never taken this before. Great strengths here at First Responder. Excellent clarity in instruction. Answered all questions. Stayed on time. Made the class not only informative, but FUN! Wouldn't change a thing; course was perfect :D"

    C. Cetto 8/17/17 Registered Nurse / BLS Provider Course
  • “I have taken this before ½ online, ½ in-person. Prefer 100% in-person. The repetitive demonstrations from our instructor were great when getting hands-on with mannequins. I was very nervous coming into this class but I’m very glad I came. Class was very fun and I learned way more than I expected! Instructors are knowledgeable and are ready to answer all the questions you may have. Would totally recommend this class to others.”

    R. Valtierra 1/4/18 EMT Student / BLS Provider Course
  • “I had a great experience in this course. Very interactive and went by quickly. Will sign up again through them when I have to renew.”

    K. Schneider 1/11/18 Physical Therapy Student / BLS Provider Course
  • “I took this course to prepare myself for medical emergencies at my job. I work in substance abuse treatment. AFR [provides] a very thorough class and the instructors were friendly and knowledgeable”

    C. Pace 1/16/18 Ex-Lifeguard/Substance Abuse Worker / Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED
  • “I took this course because I have a child, and would like to be able to save her life if something happened. I also am seeking employment with children. I do feel confident that this course will help me be more able to respond to any emergency situation, and definitely more confident as a parent.”

    R. Stevens 1/16/18 Preschool Teacher/Nanny/Parent / Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR/AED
  • “I am in the process of becoming a COPE Health Scholar, and it’s necessary for myself to understand and be able to practice CPR if there were to be an emergency while I am working in a hospital or outside. I am glad that after taking the BLS Course, I now feel confident and with knowledge of handling a certain type of situation. Thank you.”

    J. Montes 1/18/18 Perspective COPE Health Scholar / BLS Provider Course
  • “[I] liked how it was more classroom/board work over purely videos- as well as the amount of hands-on done in the class.”

    A. Yu 1/18/18 Nursing Student / BLS Provider Course
  • “Our instructor Orrin has made CPR class very dynamic and simple [to understand] and gave great opportunities for hands-on participation, asking questions and clarifications of CPR scenarios. Thank you! Great class!”

    E. Hickerson 1/18/18 RN / BLS Provider Course
  • "A lot of good information"

    M. Bowman 8/20/17 National Safety Council CPR/AED & First-Aid Course
  • "He (Giovanni) was very detailed & knowledgeable"

    A. Duenas 7/26/17 National Safety Council CPR/AED & First-Aid Course
  • "Gio was very through & knowledgeable. Great Class!" 

    S. Adams 5/17/17 National Safety Council CPR/AED Course
  • "Giovanni teaches the course well with  excellent examples and easy to remember course content"

    D. Dowding 7/18/2017 National Safety Council CPR/AED & First-Aid Course
  • "I took this 8 years ago in college. I find the training with SLS at AFR to be as great or even better that when I first took this course in college. The class was perfect I wouldn't recommend changing it. This was an amazing class to take. The instructors are very encouraging and answer any question you may have. The instructors have a lot of patience for their students."

    O. Elam 1/23/18 Security Supervisor / Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • "The trainer explained and taught the class well and clear"

    A. Villegas 5/23/17 National Safety Council CPR/AED & First-Aid Course
  • "The Instructor went above and beyond to ensure we really understood the material"

    M. Lynch 11/29/17 BLS Provider Course
  • "The Instructor explained everything in great detail. The videos and mannequins really helped."

    M. Bernard 11/29/17 BLS Provider Course
  • "Took this 4 years ago with my union. This was done and explained very well. My teachers were very professional and fun. Lot's of information, fun, and music. I'll do it again. Thank you. :)"

    M. Elam 1/23/18 In-Home Supportive SVCS / Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • "I have taken this class before, online and in-person, and I prefer in-classroom and hands-on. Great presentation and teaching overall. Best class I've taken. I can honestly say that the course I took at AFR was one of the most professional and informative classes I've taken in my EMS profession. Great job by the instructor Orrin in being very helpful, clear and concise. Will be coming here again for next time."

    D. Hernandez 1/23/18 Paramedic / BLS Provider Course
  • "Excellent Course & Excellent Instructor, Mr. Whitney!"

    P. McGriff 9/2/17 NSC Insurance Discount Course
  • "Instructor was knowledgeable, polite, and professional."

    M. Rutkauski 9/30/2017 4 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "Polite, professional, friendly staff when calling & in class"  

    E. Bradley 12/23/2017 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "Simple & to the point and the jokes kept me involved in the class". 

    S. Pantoja 11/11/17 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "I learned a lot. Makes me rethink my behavior on the road" 

    A. Dosunmu 10/28/2017 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "The class was very informative & helpful"

    R. Feliciano 8/30/2017 4 Hour Defensive Driving Course Employee Safety Training
  • "It was a great course to take, more people should take this course!" 

    A. Lejano 8/30/17 4 Hour Defensive Driving Course Employee Safety Training
  • "Great instructor, well prepared, delivered information well, kept class engaged". 

    A. Limondin 7/8/2017 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "Instructor was informative and professional" 

    D. Hathaway 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "Great instructor, informative and well-spirited! , passionate about safety"

    K. Elena 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "Orrin was well prepared and made the time pass quickly" 

    I. Dillon 2/14/2017 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "Orrin was a great teacher!, very informative and dynamic. He made a very boring class entertaining and fun!" 

    C. Mulford 2/4/2017 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "Instructor was well prepared and informed. Excellent !"

    H. Carrillo 3/4/2017 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "The Instructor is splendid. The content is loaded with safety tips."

    C. Eke 3/18/2017 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "Orrin was great instructor; he was able to keep my attention. Passionate about what he does & very knowledge".

    G. Kenmuir 3/18/2017 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "Very knowledgeable and really impressed me, I've learned more in this course than i have about CPR ever"  

    M. Landes 3/8/2017 NSC CPR & First-Aid Instructor Course
  • "Very straight forward, well structured, and rather entertaining"

    K. Bancroft 4/1/2017 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "The instruction was great, really explained all the sections very clearly" 

    T. Pereira 4/29/2017 6/8 Hour Defensive Driving Course
  • "This course was an excellent hands-on experience. I left the class confident that I have the proper skills for not only CPR and AED usage, but also First Aid."

    M. Samaniego 2/3/18 Personal Trainer / Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • "My first time taking this course, but I love hands-on experiences. Top strengths were the visuals, instructions, examples, hands-on, and the instructor. The entire course, in general."

    A. Hinojosa 2/10/18 Childcare Specialist / Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • "I really enjoyed in class teaching. It was explained in detail with writing and examples. I found no weaknesses at all, instructor did a great job with all lessons. Everything is great the way it is."

    R. Pineda 2/10/18 Coach's Assistant / Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • "All of my questions were answered. I prefer in classroom due to the interaction and questions between instructors and  students. It's also more hands-on. Course is presented clearly and professionally. Instructor is very knowledgeable of the content."

    M. Rutaquio 2/10/18 Medical Assistant / BLS Provider Course
  • "I preferred a classroom setting, which offers an instructor that helps with clarification of questions. Excellent instructors here, strong knowledge of material presented. Also very polite and professional."

    M. Delgadillo 2/17/18 RN / BLS Provider Course
  • I have never taken a BLS Course before this one. The instructor was very clear, enthusiastic, and helpful though. Some questions on the test like..[...].. were confusing and can be improved in my opinion, but other than that it's great. The class, equipment and teaching itself was great though."

    B. Acosta 2/15/18 Nursing Student / BLS Provider Course
  • "Attending the AHA's BLS class at AFR in K-town was awesome! Given that I hadn't taken a course in a couple of years, I wasn't sure what to expect. Right off the bat though, I felt super welcomed and put at ease. I've taken this before- in a classroom. Hands-on is always easier for me to follow. The analogies and example given were really helpful and made topics clear. Made it fun to follow.  Time really flew by- It was easy to get involved and hands-on. Even with things I was having difficulty with, Orrin, my instructor, took the time to make sure I was definitely getting everything down. It was hands-on, as opposed to watching videos the entire time.  Thank you for such a good time!"

    G. Mendez 2/13/18 Teacher's Assistant / BLS Provider Course
  • "On behalf of Garden Grove Bulldog Football Inc. I would like to thank you for your service this season. We feel that you provided professional service and added a personal touch that is currently missing in most businesses. We can't thank you enough. We look forward to working with you in the future".  

    T. Goode 11/22/2016 President / Garden Grove Bulldog Football Inc.
  • “The visual aids and explanations that were provided were beyond helpful.”    

    B. Moore 6/11/2016 Teacher’s Aide / BLS Provider Course
  • “I learned so much. CPR Classes should be required in all job fields, extremely informative and useful. Strengths were examples they provided. They answered every question. Calm, collected, thorough, clear, concise. There’s honestly nothing I can think of changing- they covered all bases and are masters at their field and trade.”  

    J. Marin 6/16/2016 Preschool Teacher / Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED
  • “Class was small and very intimate- all my questions and concerns were answered. The instructors were very familiar with our questions and familiar with CPR incidents. Great class.”    

    A. Miranda 8/30/16 Patient Transport / BLS Provider Course
  • “Great educators! The best BLS course I have ever taken. Great teaching methods/skills. Very knowledgeable, and presents material in a clear, fun way.”  

    G. Shiotang 8/30/2016 OR Surgical RN / BLS Provider Course
  • “Truly enjoyed you both. I greatly appreciate how hands-on you are. The examples are also a plus. Stick to your own method. I work at LAX where anything is bound to happen- plenty of little ones and elderly passengers. Thank you guys.”    

    L. Harris 8/30/2016 Customer Service / BLS Provider Course
  • “This was an excellent BLS Class experience. Very clear instructions, focused and thoughtful teaching. Flexible course times as well.”  

    J. Howland 8/31/2016 NICU RN / BLS Provider Course
  •  “I thought the course was interesting and helpful. I was really nervous about taking this course at first, but I’m really glad I took it.”

    M. Arias 9/3/2016 MSW Student / BLS Provider Course
  • “Classroom setting is preferred. I like the interaction and Q & A with live instructors and classmates. Strengths- Orrin was knowledgeable and funny- a great teacher with techniques facilitating learning and memory. Excellent Job!”  

    E. Guzman 9/6/2016 RN / BLS Provider Course
  • “Mr. Whitney knows how to grab our attention. He uses humor and analogies combined with other methods of instructing. Mr. Whitney was very accommodating and hospitable. Course was very educational.”

    J. Caysido 9/7/2016 Medical Assistant / BLS Provider Course
  • “The class was very informative and concise. I would highly recommend this class.”  

    S. Santiago 9/29/2016 Respiratory Therapist / BLS Provider Course
  • “Great and helpful Instructors. I would recommend for everyone!”  

    L. Peruchi 9/29/2016 Dentist / Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • “The instructor had a plethora of knowledge and was very detailed and helpful in answering questions. Instruction was excellent!”  

    A. Davtyan 10/11/2016 Elementary School Teacher / Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • “I took both classroom and online, and I prefer classroom. Everyone should teach CPR courses like Gio. I have taken CPR classes where instructors were not interactive and used videos as their primary source of teaching. Gio emphasized important information required to successfully handle situations in real-life incidents. He input his personal experience, which I enjoyed.”  

    S. Ahn 10/30/2016 Nursing Student / BLS Provider Course
  • “Classroom is much better for hands-on experience as the instructor can help correct deficiencies. Orrin was very engaging with a great attitude.”  

    P. Shieh 11/24/2016 Nuclear Medicine Student / BLS Provider Course
  • “Everything was clear and understandable. The instructor was very friendly and professional. I definitely learned a valuable skill for my future.”  

    M. Epino 12/20/2016 Nursing Student / BLS Provider Course + First Aid
  • “I prefer this course [BLS] with in-person instruction. Very engaged and dynamic instructor who provided strong, relevant info via lecture and demonstration. Excellent instructor! Would highly recommend this course and instructor to others as a result of his skill, engagement and personality!”

    K. Meinen 12/20/2016 Kinesiology Student / BLS Provider Course
  • “Hands-on practice makes it much easier to learn. Clear presentation plus clean and appropriate equipment were the greatest strengths.”  

    M. Chang 1/2/2017 RN / BLS Provider Course
  • “In-person class is excellent. Excellent knowledge base and relay of essential elements of CPR and BLS.”  

    W. Daniel 1/21/2017 EMT Student / BLS Provider Course
  • “Giovanni Garbutt was by far the best instructor I have ever had, in any field of instruction. Very knowledgeable and engaged with the class!”  

    C. Dunham 1/30/2016 6/8 Defensive Driving Course
  • “Met my expectations completely. Really useful, should be taught to all new drivers, and offered as a refresher to experienced drivers. All useful information that I will use in my future driving.”  

    K. Perez 6/7/2016 6/8 Defensive Driving Course
  • “Instructor was very well prepared. Very Informative. It was awesome to hear the real-life experience of our instructor!”  

    K. O’Greene 7/14/2016 4 Hour Defensive Driving Course Employee Safety Training
  • “Would definitely recommend this class to someone else. Very important information! Especially all the info on the nature of distractions, and how easily we can be distracted while driving!  

    L. Roberts 7/14/2016 4 Hour Defensive Driving Course Employee Safety Training
  • “Class was what I expected. Met my expectations, but It was also more fun that I thought it would be.. Very interesting. The interactive nature of the material was the best aspect. This is dry stuff, so the videos and activities helped to break up the monotony. Orrin did a really nice job!”  

    J. Kelley 7/16/2016 6/8 Defensive Driving Course
  • “Definitely met my expectations! Learned a lot and Orrin kept my attention the whole time! Awesome class. Everything was great! Nothing to complain about.”  

    C. Moon 7/16/2016 6/8 Defensive Driving Course
  • “Exceeded my expectations. I was ready to be bored but the instructor made the class surprisingly good. Teaching is Orrin’s calling. He’s fantastic at it. His teaching makes learning easier”    

    A. Brien 12/4/2016 6/8 Defensive Driving Course
Refreshments Provided Every Class!!!
We have a complimentary refreshment and beverage station routinely stocked with assorted snacks and beverages.
Small Classroom Sizes
We provide small class sizes to offer a relaxing and stress-free environment for students to learn. The small class size allows for a 1 on 1 manikin to student ratio for students to receive more practice learning the vital life-saving skills.
Quality Training Equipment
At American First Responder believe that the equipment that you are trained with makes a big difference in the quality of the training you receive, and what you will take away from the course afterward.
Convenient Onsite Training
We can bring all of our classes to you. Whether a business, church, governmental agency, school, or large group, we offer on-site training delivery at your location, saving time, money and lives all at the same time.
Hazwoper Training
The HAZWOPER training program teaches students how to protect workers when in hazardous situations. The program is designed to comply with the extensive federal regulations (29 CFR 1910.120) to ensure the safety and the health of workers

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