EMS Consultation Services

With the everyday demands of running your business, it is difficult to stay current on all of the safety and compliance regulations you are required to follow. Whether you need assistance with a problem identified during a safety audit or are just trying to be proactive in your approach to safety, American First Responder serves as a trusted consultant, helping you navigate the complex regulations, and most importantly, keeping your employees safe at work. With a staff of experienced EMS managers and educators, American

First Responder specializes consulting within several sectors of the EMS industry. We tailor our consulting services to your particular needs, supplementing your existing plans when appropriate, or designing new safety programs to help keep you compliant. Suggestions for consultation services or safety programs not listed below are always welcome.

American First Responder consulting team can also complete a comprehensive facility survey to pinpoint and remedy safety hazards before a major incident occurs, which can dramatically reduce risk to your employees. Findings from the survey are included in a detailed report that outlines recommendations to address the problems identified.

As most EMS administrators know, many operational problems; from inefficient unit use, to poor treatment modalities utilized by field staff, are usually due to lack of training, ineffective, underdeveloped, and or, non-existent policies.

The identification most of these problems usually stems from the consulting side of the company, the solutions (is frequently the development of more effective policies, and more importantly, the training necessary to enact those policies, track the resulting outcome, and ensure complain

Our consultation services include:

Whether you are facing an escalating payroll without the benefit of added business, or you feel that your EMS staff require further training, let us evaluate your current situation and help you develop a plan to take control of your company’s direction again.

  • Individual company orientation to policy/procedures
  • Training programs tailored to clients individual needs
  • N-95 fit testing
  • All OSHA required classes (blood-borne/air-borne pathogens, etc)
  • Sexual harassment/workplace violence
  • Drivers training (CEVO/EVOC)
  • Documentation and paperwork training
  • HAZMAT response
  • Radio/communications procedures and training
  • EMS skills training and verification
  • Development of ambulance and EMS company policy/procedures in accordance with state and local requirements
  • Documentation/consulting for preparation for County EMS and State licensure
  • Development and implementation of EMS compliant Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) Programs
  • Workplace Illness and Injury Prevention Policy
  • Risk Management survey
  • EMS Documentation education
  • Billing compliance checkpoint
  • Dispatch Policy & Procedure development
  • Dispatcher orientation/training program
  • Unit hour utilization assessment
  • Individual city licensure application preparation
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) Programs design and on-going management

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